UAN Registration {in 2 steps }Activation Status UAN number generation

UAN Registration

This is article is most helpful for new epfo members. because this article was written all guidelines everything from scratch for uan registration.

UAN Registration includes two Parts and further steps.

1st part is UAN status (to know uan Number) also members called as UAN generation but it generates by the employer with help of epfo.

2nd part is UAN Number activation / Registration.

For uan activation & status Number generation, all the employees have to visit uan member Portal which is unified for Both employer and employees.

But here I am giving URL access to only employees https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/.

Epfo uan member portal login registration

UAN status Know your UAN (Generation)

Earlier Pf Number is mandatory for checking UAN Number status. But Now it is optional. we can check uan number generation status by PAn and aadhaar Number. but Member details are required like name, email, mobile Number etc.

Here are 5 ways to Know your UAN number

  1. Ask your Employer
  2. Visit uan portal enter your PF Number
  3. Aadhaar Number
  4. Pan card Number
  5. EKYC Aadhaar New UAN generation.

Quickest way to get your UAN & Activate for registration [E aadhar]

  1. Visit UAN member Portal and click on Aadhaar based On UAn allotment.
  2. Enter Your aadhaar Number an OTP will be sent to uid linked mobile. Authorize.
  3. You will see the Newly generated UAN number with a reference Number.

Things required to Know UAN status & UAN Registration

  1. PF Member ID (aka pf number) it includes Regional epf Office, Establishment Id, Establishment Extension, Pf Number
  3. PAN
  4. Epf Member Name *
  5. Date of Birth *  in DD/MM/YYYY  format.
  6. Mobile No. *
  7. Email Id

Verify mobile number and with OTP and view the UAN Number status.

NOTE: UAN number will be sent your Mobile Number. epfo message contains epfo number & UAN Status either it active or Not.

Once You Know the UAN Number. Then ready for UAN registration to access all pf details including, pf transfer, epf passbook etc.

epf balance by using uan epfo passbook download download

UAN Activation / UAN Portal Registration

follow this flow chart

  1. UAN Member Portal>> Activate Your UAN >> enter any of the Pf,adhar, Pan>> Mobile,name,DOB>>verify OTP.
  2. Copy UAN Number and Set password minimum length 8 Digits including Small, capital, letters, Numbers, and characters etc.

uan registration /activation

detailed instructions.

Just follow the instructions as same as on the UAN Status page. if here only the fields epf Number changed with UAN Number of you already know the UAN.

Apart from this. you may not even know the UAN Number to activate or Registration of UAN member Portal. But we have to remember UAN Number and Password afterward the registration.

UAN login credentials to help log in to UAN member portal, update KYC, Profile details password, name, email etc.

Now you More and full control over the PF accounts, you can transfer, closet the PFD accounts, also list all pf accounts together UAN Number.

more advanced benefits coming soon by epfo. now epfo aimed settle claim within a day in couple hours up to 3.

anyway, do you query issues regarding UAN status/registration? feel free ask the question comment form.

UAN Registration

Problems in Knowing UAn and its activation status just contact the UAn helpdesk.

Epfo UAN Member Portal Registration Overview

after the launch of UAN portal 3.0, epfo member portal is closed due to its upgrade to uan portal. epfo portal registration similar to uan porta, but there is No UAN before it.

for every pf account, you need register separately and check balance by epf number only.

UAN Registration includes

  1. Knowing UAn Number (checking uan status)
  2. Activating UAN number
  3. Setting password After uan activation

  1. visit uan portal>>
  2. click on forgot password>>
  3. enter your UAn>>
  4. and mobile Number>>
  5. authorize OTP>>
  6. Set the New password for login.

UAN Registration benefits

  1. Keep a track of epf balance in all pf accounts.
  2. List all pf accounts associated with your UAn number
  3. (changed the job no problem) PF Automatically transfer to new pf account.
  4. Update KYC at uan member portal
  5. Initiate transfer request online to your bank
  6. claim settlement has done very fast.

Final words: everything is online no need to visit pf office with UAN Registration.

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